Filip Gałuszka, Song Zi


The project is located in a transformed industrial park called STATION. The entire zone in 2021 right after COVID-19 rapidly has become a hot spot for families, youngsters and creative minds.In the heart of STATION, there is a Rice noodle bar-YUNFEN-that aims to bring a fresh and playful experience to customers through interior and branding design. To attract public, few main directions were considered based on limited space: MEZZANINE - two freestanding mushroom-like structures were composed to define interior space. Brutal, arranged on different levels, overlapped a bit to become a giant organic installation together with the spiral staircase. Each steel gill strengthens the structural appearance. FAÇADE- Original façade had numbers of regular windows, they were merged on the ground level into one large opening, thus blurring the outside and inside. The height difference naturally become street seating area. MATERIALITY - from backwall to floor until cashier are all paved with manmade brick tiles, which is consistent with original bricks used commonly in STATION park. Warm white washed stone unified the wall, in contrast with original industrial brick wall, which can be easily noticed by passersby. Customized table sets, Logo, and menu are all related to the dynamic character of rice noodle, adding spices to the whole space concept.


coated steel, corrugated aluminium, washed stone, brick tile, microcement


LIANGHAO - branding design


Beijing, China


Interior, facade, furniture