Filip Galuszka, Hayger Chan, Liu Yu Chen, Tony Lee, Cao Yu


Hua Ming .Beijing engineering co.LTD


Complex interior and facade design + furniture design + furniture production


Stainless steel, Bolon, Formica plex HPL, brass, wood, gypsum mixed with straw


Sanlitun Bei 26-3-103 Chaoyang district Beijing, China


65 m2


Zhai Wei


Yunzhu is a Beijing based art and design studio. Run by Frank Liu, Yunzhu balances between art, fashion, and design. Their varied and expressive products such as t-shirts, paintings, tableware and even desserts are always designed and manufactured with great care for details. From the very early stage of the cooperation with Yunzhu, we understood that their artistic creation has two sides, so to say. Some of their works emit warmth, use natural textures and are very often based on traditional techniques. On the other hand, we observed Yunzhu’s fascinations with products which are very simple, sleek, neat and detailed. This coexistence was the first inspiration for our interior. By working with the concept of “half and half”, we wanted to give customers a chance to touch both “characters” of Yunzhu. This concept gave us a very clear direction about used materials in each part of the space. We knew that sleek and cold part needs to look technical, a bit reflective and be easy to clean. Therefore, the leading material there is stainless steel supported by aluminum and Formica plex laminate with Bolon metallic floor. In the warm part, we used solid wood and white gypsum mixed with straw. With materials which are rather hard to control, the outcome was very raw but sensual.