JANG furniture
was created in 1985
by a forester Jan Gałuszka

Everything started in Southern Poland, well known for its vast evergreen forests and coal mine industry. Jan with his wife Jola moved here from Cracow, the most beautiful and artistic city in Poland. They wanted to settle down in a countryside, close to the nature and start their own furniture business. After few year of we got a first big commission for a hundred wooden framed mirrors. Right after that Poland was released from soviet regime and JANG entreprise could freely evaluate.

That`s how it started.
From the fusion of 
nature, art and industry

Naturally, Jan expanded his workshop and hired more local workers. In the early 90`s, production of simple office desk was running day and night. For over next two decades, JANG gained experience in production of furniture for homes, shops, offices and hotels. Meantime, Jan`s children were growing - daughter Asia and son Filip who decided to become an architect and lead JANG brand into a new creative directions.

Today, JANG
is a multi-disciplinary
design and production company

Run by two generations of Galuszka family, JANG is a creative team of designers, producers and craftsmen. Our biggest passion is always furniture. But it cannot exist without well designed interiors or architecture. Therefore in our practice we merge all that fields together. Very often we design interiors or buildings which are equipped in our own furniture.

We focus on precise
and technical solutions
in timeless look

Durability, perfect motion and timeless appearance are the main criteria in our projects. To achieve the high-end finish of our products we use the most advanced production technologies. At the same time, we never stop working manually, continually improving our craftsmanship skills; hand-made production always gives us the greatest satisfaction.

We work with different
scales but always with
the same creativity level

No matter the scale every commission means for us a new research, new material and new production trick. We work progressively without stiff boundaries or limitations. But we have our rules. Whatever we design or build needs to be functional, precise and with personal character. For last decade we work intensively with homes owners, retailer, architects, artists and various brands from furniture industry.

We merge
Europe with Asia

In Poland, we run a production of custom-made furniture in cooperation with individual clients and architects. In China, we operate complex enterprise based on design studio, prototyping workshop, production factory and flagship showroom. Additionally we offer in Asia service of interior design ,architectural design and product design for furniture industry. We hope to meet you in our world.