Jan & Jolanta Gałuszka

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t. +48 602 695 071
t. + 48 515 261 530

meble JANG
ul. Kozielska 28 b
47- 430 Rudy
NIP 639 000 12 16


design director
Filip Gałuszka

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t. +86 18612941705

operation director
Fenghua Liu

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t. +86 18612909033
t. +86 84505576

marketing manager
Kasia Galak

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t. +86 15701190795

Yan Dong Science Park, Block B Room 3017
Chaoyang District 100200 Beijing, China


Asia O'Neill

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t. 00447443392395

60 Kentsfortd RD
Grange Over Sands

family enterprise since 1985

Jan Gałuszka - founder & producer

Jan is a founder of JANG – a positive thinker and a person of constant creation. His long journey with furniture started in 1985, and have been full of passion ever since. Today, after 30 years, Jan runs his company in southern Poland.

Jolanta Pajor-Gałuszka - founder & manager

Great support of Jan`s ideas from very beginning. Jolanta runs JANG brand in between Poland and China, being in charge of management and logistics.

Filip Gałuszka - architect & producer

Influenced by his father’s furniture since early childhood. As an architect Filip proudly carries on what his father had begun 30 years ago. Since 2012, Filip with his wife Fenghua has been leading JANG design and manufacture practice in China.

Fenghua Liu - partner & manager

Fenghua`s sense of simplicity always keeps JANG`s practice in balance. Together with Filip, Fenghua runs JANG in China. Fenghua is also a co-founder of “LIANGHAO” graphic design studio in Beijing.

Asia O'Neill - partner

Asia, Filip`s sister is a brand partner in United Kingdom. Her fresh ideas and enthusiasm help JANG to promote brand overseas. Asia, together with her husband Rik, also runs a medical enterprise in the UK.

Little JanJan - assistant

So far the smallest and most creative family member.